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Under Promise and Over Deliver

Turbo Encabulator

I have a 1-step lesson to make you a better engineer, a better employee, and even a better person. Yes- all three. This one simple and easy lesson will undoubtedly improve every interpersonal relationship in your life. What is the lesson? Well, I gave it away with the title. STEP 1 of 1: Under Promise and Over Deliver (UPOD). This means to be realistic or even overly conservative with what you promise to deliver, and then do your best to … READ MORE

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Before Patenting, Research your Invention

Bullet through Lightbulb

(edited and reprinted with permission from www.bluduc.com) This is a story of me being the bad guy… the bad engineering dude. I had to be the bearer of some crappy news to a client. A dude contacted me a while back with an idea he wanted to patent, prototype, and eventually manufacture. For shits-n-grins let’s call this dude Jim. JIM was plenty excited about his idea. Jim was so excited in fact, that he actually experienced dreams at night of … READ MORE

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Importance of Real World Testing

Coke Freestyle Soda Fountain

Recently I went to a franchise burrito joint with the wife (Welcome to Moes!). It was a bit after 12 noon, and the lunch rush was hitting as we received our flour-wrapped deliciousness. I grabbed a table while the wife went around the corner to fill our water cups. Maybe 5 minutes later I’m halfway done with my Burrito, and she’s not back. I pulled myself away from my meal and walked around the corner to check on her. Surprisingly, … READ MORE

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Brown Numbers

brown numbers

The first post of a new blog and what do I start with? A steaming pile of crap: literally. Welcome to Engineering Dude! Hang with me, I’ll explain the poop. Many years ago I attended a tradeshow with my employer. It was a massive laboratory device event like Pittcon or LabAutomation with all the big companies showing off their bulbous budgets by filling 50′x100′ of surface area with LCD screens, robots, fake plants, and expensive sales men in suits hitting … READ MORE

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