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More Engineering Quotes

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A few more engineering related quotes for you. I’ll start with a man who has some of my favorite quotes: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” -Albert Einstein True, but was ol’ Albert referring to performance enhancing drugs? If he wasn’t this guy certainly was: “No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” -Voltaire “sustained” huh? … yea, I get you Voltaire. Wink wink nudge nudge. And while we are quoting Europeans … READ MORE

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Engineering Quotes

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While not necessarily said by engineers, these certainly can be enjoyed by such. “The first instance of novel principle is invariably defeated by the developed example of established practice.” -Lawrence Pomeroy Ever have a great idea materialize in your head that is just too good to NOT think about? You churn the idea over and over… developing it further. You spend hours thinking the idea through, and you start to feel a little pride in your ability of creating such … READ MORE

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The Difference Between Engineering and Designing

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The question is common among non-engineering types, as is the misuse and transposing of the words. What is the difference REALLY between engineering and designing? Both words mean dorks doing something technical with pencils and computers, so don’t they mean the same thing? Hardly Let’s get the wiki definitions for engineering or designing out of the way. Still confused? Here’s how this engineering dude might differentiate the two words: Engineering: The development of a system which accomplishes a functional goal. … READ MORE

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Brown Numbers

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The first post of a new blog and what do I start with? A steaming pile of crap: literally. Welcome to Engineering Dude! Hang with me, I’ll explain the poop. Many years ago I attended a tradeshow with my employer. It was a massive laboratory device event like Pittcon or LabAutomation with all the big companies showing off their bulbous budgets by filling 50′x100′ of surface area with LCD screens, robots, fake plants, and expensive sales men in suits hitting … READ MORE

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