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Disassembly of a Sonicare Toothbrush

01 Toothbrush tn

My ultrasonic toothbrush broke, and I wanted to see what was inside. Here is a video of the experience. This was my first attempt at producing a ‘blog’ type video… a vlog. I’m not sure I enjoyed the task. It is much easier to write intelligibly than to speak so. Plus, none of the verbiage is indexable by search engines, so I’m not sure I’ll do this very often. Thoughts?

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GrabCAD Home

Awesome site alert! Woot woot woot! This place is teets. Check out all sorts of killer CAD models in their library and download them for free! Some favorites of mine would be the: Be sure to check out their challenges for a chance to test your own CAD skills against other engineers in real-world engineering and design competitions. Good luck dudes!

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