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Amazon to Tackle McMaster

Amazon Supply Homepage

So far, no company has even come close to the convenience, selection, web interface, or speed of the almighty McMaster Carr. But it is interesting to note Amazon is applying their procurement/distribution skillz to the industrial supply market. AmazonSupply’s web interface is better than some, and in places it does feel inspired by McMaster (fasteners), but they still have a long way to go. The selection feels more like Northern Tool than a big-boy industrial supply like MSC, Grainger, or … READ MORE

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CAD model of ED-209 from Robocop!

ED209 CAD model

GO DOWNLOAD THIS CAD MODEL. YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY. Certainly one of the best things to come out of the 80′s was the movie Robocop. Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Starship Troopers) delivers a classic Jesus-Christ-Science-Fiction flick about a cop in future Detroit crucified by shotgun fire to be resurrected as a cyborg cop who forces peace and order on a chaotic society with an iron fist… er, maybe it’s plastic. What a movie! Indeed Robocop is still fun … READ MORE

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Before Patenting, Research your Invention

Bullet through Lightbulb

(edited and reprinted with permission from This is a story of me being the bad guy… the bad engineering dude. I had to be the bearer of some crappy news to a client. A dude contacted me a while back with an idea he wanted to patent, prototype, and eventually manufacture. For shits-n-grins let’s call this dude Jim. JIM was plenty excited about his idea. Jim was so excited in fact, that he actually experienced dreams at night of … READ MORE

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Simple Harmonic Motion in Pendulum Waves

I remember when the volcano was the stereotype father-and-son science project, but we need an update for a new generation. I nominate this killer demonstration of patterns in pendulum motion. Call it art, call it science… this is just cool.

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The Difference Between Engineering and Designing

Bracelet from Rogue Design

The question is common among non-engineering types, as is the misuse and transposing of the words. What is the difference REALLY between engineering and designing? Both words mean dorks doing something technical with pencils and computers, so don’t they mean the same thing? Hardly Let’s get the wiki definitions for engineering or designing out of the way. Still confused? Here’s how this engineering dude might differentiate the two words: Engineering: The development of a system which accomplishes a functional goal. … READ MORE

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