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3D Printed Boat

3d printed boat printer

I tip my hat (were I wearing one) to the University of Washington mechanical engineering students who entered Denny’s 42nd Annual Seafair Milk Carton Derby with a 3-D printed raft. This contest requires participants to fabricate a boat whose buoyancy comes from empty paper or plastic milk cartons. As it was not explicitly prohibited, the students interpreted the rules of the competition to mean the milk cartons could be in any condition or shape, so long as they were the … READ MORE

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Waste of Titanium?

Tri-V Titanium Flashlight

Do you have conglomerate Titanium and need it disintegrated into chips? Call this guy and he’ll turn your cash-dense Ti billet chunk into a completely impractical yet strangely arousing flashlight. $3,300? I’ll buy another car, thank you.

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Engineering Quotes

quote icon

While not necessarily said by engineers, these certainly can be enjoyed by such. “The first instance of novel principle is invariably defeated by the developed example of established practice.” -Lawrence Pomeroy Ever have a great idea materialize in your head that is just too good to NOT think about? You churn the idea over and over… developing it further. You spend hours thinking the idea through, and you start to feel a little pride in your ability of creating such … READ MORE

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Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Robot Voice

Cylon Speak and Spell

Up until the mid ’90s, the inter-concourse tram at Atlanta Hartsfield airport used a ridiculous computer voice synthesizer to make announcements to passengers of the tram. I’m not up on my voice synth history, but the voice sounded like late ’70s technology… like a Cylon mated with a Speak-and-Spell. It was hard to understand, so its use in a major international airport was somewhat odd. Of course, I do have many-a-fond memories of riding that tram imprinted in my fatty … READ MORE

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Under Promise and Over Deliver

Turbo Encabulator

I have a 1-step lesson to make you a better engineer, a better employee, and even a better person. Yes- all three. This one simple and easy lesson will undoubtedly improve every interpersonal relationship in your life. What is the lesson? Well, I gave it away with the title. STEP 1 of 1: Under Promise and Over Deliver (UPOD). This means to be realistic or even overly conservative with what you promise to deliver, and then do your best to … READ MORE

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