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Firearm Old-School Mass Production

remington firearm manufacture

If you like seeing tours of factories and manufacturing lines, then prepare for a treat. Not only does this video show how one of the largest firearm manufacturers produces their stocks, barrels, and actions, but the video is especially interesting because it shows 1960′s era production methods: no bar-fed-lights-out-CNC manufacturing centers… this is almost closer to Ford’s visions. The video is here if you can’t see it. Thank you Very, very cool: Multi-stage carousels with master duplicators. Cam-driven profile … READ MORE

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Man Prints Gun Reciever on 3D Printer, Internet Goes Bezerker Crazy

3d printed gun1

A crafty gun enthusiast who goes by the hacker alias Neo the internet moniker haveblue printed an AR-style lower receiver with an old Stratasys FDM device and built it into a functioning firearm. To be honest, this isn’t a super big accomplishment from a structural standpoint. The lower receiver in an AR design is not heavily stressed. A Google search will reveal many stories of successfully constructing the lower from cheap Home Depot wood, HDPE, and other comically irrelevant materials. … READ MORE

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You Don’t Need a Fancy Education and Tools to Invent

Inventor with his Pomegranate De-Seeder

One of the topics I want write about on this blog is how a formal education and a structured professional workplace are not necessary to invent or create. And, in fact, those things may even slowly strip away the hands-on JUST-DO-IT mentality many engineers posses as inquisitive and resourceful children. When I was young, and I wanted to make/create/build/experiment, I would simply do it- with whatever materials I could find or tools I could scavenge (or make). But after school … READ MORE

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Science Wall Awesomeness

tesla faraday curie newton einstein bohr

Geek Chic meganlee has a sweet line of science related shirts and wall art for all you consumerist engineers who feel the need to broadcast your dorkness by buying and displaying stylish trinkets. Do not let your group identity go unlabeled; buy this shit! I’ll admit they are well done: pretty cool looking. Though I’d prefer them in sticker form. But WTF is Edison doing up there? The guy was a prick. He had all his good ideas early on … READ MORE

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Veka Blue Marlin Massive Ship Piggy-Back Orgy

ship piggyback orgy2

Here is an absolutely massive cargo ship called the Blue Marlin from shipbuilding group Veka. It was engineered to, apparently, haul lots of big heavy shit across bodies of water. Apparently, this beast is also semi-submersible (video here) so you can sneak up on unsuspecting ships and pull off the largest (in measure of mass) and scariest (in measure of adrenaline secreted) April Fools joke ever. But that feature also simplifies loading of certain types of cargo on days other … READ MORE

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