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This Engineering Dude is a contract Mechanical Engineer with 12 years experience in comprehensive electro-mechancial product design. His consumer and OEM products have been sold worldwide in the laboratory, medical, clinical, and research markets. He has also designed orthopedic rehabilitation hardware, firearms, pneumatic weapons, mountain bikes, and even furniture.

Simple Harmonic Motion in Pendulum Waves

I remember when the volcano was the stereotype father-and-son science project, but we need an update for a new generation. I nominate this killer demonstration of patterns in pendulum motion. Call it art, call it science… this is just cool.

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The Difference Between Engineering and Designing

Bracelet from Rogue Design

The question is common among non-engineering types, as is the misuse and transposing of the words. What is the difference REALLY between engineering and designing? Both words mean dorks doing something technical with pencils and computers, so don’t they mean the same thing? Hardly Let’s get the wiki definitions for engineering or designing out of the way. Still confused? Here’s how this engineering dude might differentiate the two words: Engineering: The development of a system which accomplishes a functional goal. … READ MORE

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The JawSaw

JawSaw Ad Screen Cap

Fellow engineers and fellow men… for your enjoyment, may I present this, most hilarious, video promotion. Late one night, in his secret genetics/toy laboratory, mad-scientist Dr. Fisher Price got himself wasted on Bubblegum Schnapps. In a sugar-pumped rage, he started breeding animal genes with sporting goods in hopes of making the next big thing in children’s toys. After the frighteningly humorous failure of mixing a kitten with a tetherball, Dr. Price was surprised by his own brilliance when he successfully … READ MORE

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What did the Engineer Say to the Hot Girl at the Bar?

Laughing Old Man

… Nothing!

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GrabCAD Home

Awesome site alert! Woot woot woot! This place is teets. Check out all sorts of killer CAD models in their library and download them for free! Some favorites of mine would be the: Be sure to check out their challenges for a chance to test your own CAD skills against other engineers in real-world engineering and design competitions. Good luck dudes!

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