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This Engineering Dude is a contract Mechanical Engineer with 12 years experience in comprehensive electro-mechancial product design. His consumer and OEM products have been sold worldwide in the laboratory, medical, clinical, and research markets. He has also designed orthopedic rehabilitation hardware, firearms, pneumatic weapons, mountain bikes, and even furniture.

Here’s to you- Packaging Engineer

beer 6pack box

The other day I looked at a common 6-pack and took notice, for once, of the cardboard crate which protected my precious cargo. “How was it made?” I asked. So apart it came! Check this out. So it’s not the coolest thing ever, but you have to admit this is pretty neat. That whole 6-pack carton was folded up from one piece of cardboard; and (regarding the evenly spaced glue lines) it was probably glued and folded in an automated … READ MORE

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Photographer-free Advertising

skateboard CAD render

This is a photo I took while walking through Target. Notice the skate-board. That is a flat 2-dimensional cardboard print-out. It hangs in vibrant colors giving a fun emotive context to the juniors clothing section. But it never existed in a form other than 2-d. That is not a photo. It is a CAD render. At first I thought this was a very nice photograph with a lot of Photoshop. But see how the truck and axle bolts don’t have … READ MORE

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More Engineering Quotes

quote icon

A few more engineering related quotes for you. I’ll start with a man who has some of my favorite quotes: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” -Albert Einstein True, but was ol’ Albert referring to performance enhancing drugs? If he wasn’t this guy certainly was: “No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” -Voltaire “sustained” huh? … yea, I get you Voltaire. Wink wink nudge nudge. And while we are quoting Europeans … READ MORE

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TAG! You’re dumb!

Electrical cord with too many warnings

I meant to post this months ago, but the task escaped me. I am glad I finally ran across the images on my SD card; they gave me yet another chuckle. We bought a fake tree before xmas this year; one with lights already installed on the branches to, you know, be a more realistic imitation of a live tree. The tree comes disassembled in 3 main segments densely packed in a small box (props). Each of these 3 segments … READ MORE

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Cut Barrel Rifling

Rifling Cutter Machine

Here is a fun video produced by the American Precision Museum in Vermont demonstrating how the rifling in gun barrels were once cut into barrels instead of formed as they are now. The video is here if you can’t see it. Actually, the museum itself which produced the video above looks pretty amazing; anyone of a technical/engineering mindset would certainly appreciate the exhibits they have for you to explore. Any fellow dorks who find themselves near the museum in Windsor … READ MORE

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