Hey guys- the Engineering Dude here. I’m a mechanical engineer specializing in consumer product design and manufacturing. For the past decade or two I’ve been utilized primarily in the laboratory and medical device market, although I have also designed firearms, orthopedic rehabilitation hardware, mountain bikes, and even furniture.

I’m trained in both SolidWorks and ProE (I do prefer using SolidWords). I’m pretty good friends with CNC, FEA, DFM, GD&T, etc. I am always inventing, and I’ve written plenty of patents (much to my distaste). Creative problem solving is probably my favorite activity; luckily for me that is essentially what engineers do: solve problems.

I respect logic, reason, objectivity, efficiency, awareness, and optimization. Einstein, John M. Browning, Scott Adams, and Ayn Rand all are held in high regard. Einstein, especially, had a way with words I much enjoy, and he is credited with what has become my favorite quote:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” -Albert Einstein

Machining metal is zen. Fireworks are awesome. I take interest in constructing or destructing things in general. For instance, I’m a huge fan of both welding and shooting guns… though I haven’t tried them at the same time (duly noted).

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