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skateboard retail decoration


This is a photo I took while walking through Target. Notice the skate-board. That is a flat 2-dimensional cardboard print-out. It hangs in vibrant colors giving a fun emotive context to the juniors clothing section. But it never existed in a form other than 2-d. That is not a photo. It is a CAD render.

skateboard CAD render

No threads

At first I thought this was a very nice photograph with a lot of Photoshop. But see how the truck and axle bolts don’t have real threads? This is a CAD rendering.

So what? Right? Well, it is interesting to me. WHY was a rendering used and not simply a photo of a real skateboard? Was it a financial decision or a stylistic decision? Have we reached the point that you can outsource the modeling and rendering of a skateboard for less money than it costs to hang one in a studio and photograph it? Or did the decorator of Target require an immaculate representation of this toy to communicate some subtle note of clean playfulness? Are shoppers really that subconsciously observant and superficial?

Well… probably. There, I solved the dilemma simply by typing it out. I guess I should occupy my mind with more important matters and just be happy they keep REAL models in Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

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