Firearm Old-School Mass Production

If you like seeing tours of factories and manufacturing lines, then prepare for a treat. Not only does this video show how one of the largest firearm manufacturers produces their stocks, barrels, and actions, but the video is especially interesting because it shows 1960′s era production methods: no bar-fed-lights-out-CNC manufacturing centers… this is almost closer to Ford’s visions.

The video is here if you can’t see it. Thank you

Very, very cool: Multi-stage carousels with master duplicators. Cam-driven profile cutters. Punch tape NC milling machines. What a trip!

But the title is misleading: One at a time? One-at-a-time implies a high-quality production method where one worker is making one rifle and then making another. At the least it implies that the rifles are being made individually… and that is simply not true. It is obvious Remington is using state-of-the-art technology to increase the number of parts a single worker can be concurrently responsible for. Plus, several workers will touch one rifle during production (assembly line), and one worker will touch several rifles during production (batch operations).

The guns are indeed being finished one-at-a-time. But so are iPhones (100,000,000 produced in first 3 quarters of 2012).


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