You Don’t Need a Fancy Education and Tools to Invent

One of the topics I want write about on this blog is how a formal education and a structured professional workplace are not necessary to invent or create. And, in fact, those things may even slowly strip away the hands-on JUST-DO-IT mentality many engineers posses as inquisitive and resourceful children.

When I was young, and I wanted to make/create/build/experiment, I would simply do it- with whatever materials I could find or tools I could scavenge (or make). But after school and years of working with fancy tools and protocols such as CAD, DFMG, CNC, SOPs, FDA, CE, CSA, FDM, SLA, etc and being able to order anything I need at the click of a button… I sometimes find myself thinking too much about HOW to do something instead of just DOING it.

This is a very large topic to tackle, and I don’t have the time, so for now I will simply share an article I ran across which touches on this thought in a visual and inspiring way.

Find some time to read this piece about Uddhab Bharali, an Assam-born Indian who was too poor to complete university but wasn’t deterred from following his creative passions. His life was one hardship after another, yet with almost nothing he went on to invent and produce some mechanically impressive devices… pulling himself and his family out of complete poverty.

Inventor with his Pomegranate De-Seeder

A crokpot, a motor mount, and a paper plate?

Ever try to open a pomegranate and get all the seeds out without crushing them? It is flippin’ hard. Now engineer a machine to automate that same task. Even harder. So hard, in fact, us posh westerners hadn’t figured it out after 30 years of trying (apparently), but then inventor ninja Uddhab here cobbled some household crap together in 2005 and BAM! No CAD system, no CNC milling machine, no McMaster Carr. He used whatever he had access to, persistent problem solving, and clever mechanical intuition… and made it happen.

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