Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Robot Voice

Up until the mid ’90s, the inter-concourse tram at Atlanta Hartsfield airport used a ridiculous computer voice synthesizer to make announcements to passengers of the tram. I’m not up on my voice synth history, but the voice sounded like late ’70s technology… like a Cylon mated with a Speak-and-Spell. It was hard to understand, so its use in a major international airport was somewhat odd.

Cylon Speak and Spell

The next stop is concourse D. Er... B? What?

Of course, I do have many-a-fond memories of riding that tram imprinted in my fatty head sponge primarily due to that bizarre voice. Perhaps, to the airport’s administrators, the memorable novelty of an odd robot voice was more important than the functionality of clear communication. In that case, you succeeded.

From time to time I’d remember the ridiculousness that was the tram robo-voice and want to hear it once again. Well, the other day Google delivered, and I actually found a recording on some forum. I can’t believe someone actually possessed such a recording: from the time before everyone carries a cell phone.

BEEP-BOOP-BEEP Prepare for ’80s flashback. Please hold on.

If your browser does not sport an appropriate audio player, here is a download link (right click to save as):
Atlanta Airport Shuttle Robot Voice

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